Streptococcus Infection (Strep A) Rapid Test Kit

Streptococcus Infection (Strep A) Rapid Test Kit

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Group A Streptococcus (GAS) is a bacterium responsible for various infections, including strep throa..

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Group A Streptococcus (GAS) is a bacterium responsible for various infections, including strep throat. Strep throat is a common respiratory infection characterized by a sore throat, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. Early detection of Strep A infection is crucial for prompt treatment and to prevent the spread of the bacteria to others.

The Strep A Rapid Test allows individuals to gauge their potential exposure to the Group A Streptococcus bacterium from home.

The test provides a method to identify the presence of Group A Streptococcal infection, a common bacterium that can lead to conditions such as strep throat. Timely identification can guide decisions regarding further medical consultation. GetTested focuses on providing accurate health testing solutions.

Strep A Test is a specific immunological test for the detection of Group A streptococcus bacteria in throat infections. It helps to quickly know if a sore throat is caused by a Strep A or other germs (usually viruses) which do not require antibiotic treatment.

The Strep A Test should be performed in case of throat symptoms such as red/swollen throat or tonsils, body aches, headaches, nausea, vomiting or listlessness. A positive result means that the Group A strep was present in the throat sample and you should consult a physician, who will decide about the next step.


Group A ß-hemolytic streptococcus (also known as Streptococcus pyogenes) is the most common bacterial cause of acute pharyngitis and it is also responsible for some skin infections, such as impetigo and erysipelas. Most of the sore throats are caused by viral infections which clear up on their own without antibiotic treatment.

Even if Strep A throat infections can solve within few days without treatment, physicians prescribe antibiotics to prevent related complications that can be serious, such as rheumatic fever or acute glomerulonephritis.


Strep A Test can be used both by professional users and private customers, as preliminary test to determine the possible presence of streptococcus A bacteria in sore throat infections.


Group A ß-hemolytic streptococcus bacteria may be involved in case of sore throat infections. In order to treat it using antibiotic therapy, it is first necessary to identify it. Thanks to the specific extraction process of throat swab samples, a Group A streptococcus marker (LPS antigen) can be isolated and further identified using specific anti-LPS antigen antibodies. Quickly and reliable results in just 4 minutes. Evaluation reports show an overall agreement of 96,4% with reference method.


- Test cassette

- Capillary dropper

- Buffer

- Alcohol pad

- Lancet

- Plaster

- Product summary leaflet

- Colour card

- Instructions for use