NISSEI TM-500 Professional Non-Contact Thermometer

NISSEI TM-500 Professional Non-Contact Thermometer

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MT-500 is a non-contact type thermometer offering simple temperature readings by pressing the measurement button on the body and bring it to close to the forehead. The built-in distance sensor makes it possible to consistently achieve highly accurate readings of body temperatures. Made in Japan and designed for professionals to be used with confidence in medical and nursing care. Equipped with a Bluetooth function, MT-500BT may be synchronized with NISSEI's smartphone app "HealStyle".

Body Measurement:

Forehead measurement with auto-measurement proximity sensor
Measurement range: +34.0 to +42.5 ℃
*MT-500 is an infrared skin thermometer which calculates the internal body temperature (armpit equivalent) from the forehead skin temperature

Object Measurement:
Measurement range: 0.0 to +100.0 ℃

Room Air Temperature:
Measurement range: -10.0 to +45.0 ℃

Supplied with 1x AAA test battery, full instructions and hard storage case