Magicool Plus Sunburn Spray 150ml

Magicool Plus Sunburn Spray 150ml

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Magicool Plus Sunburn Spray is clinically proven to treat for moderate and severe sunburn. The spray is ready chilled (no refrigeration required) and reduces skin temperature to treat the pain, inflammation and itching caused by sunburn within seconds.

  • * Clinically proven.
  • * Instant & long lasting treatment.
  • * Free from steroids and antihistamines.
  • * Suitable for all ages including babies from birth and expectant mothers.
  • * Suitable for use on the face and body.

Magicool Plus Sunburn Spray combines five pain, inflammation and anti-itch therapies in one easy to apply formula:

  • Cooling: proven to treat sunburnt skin, anaesthetises nerve endings and is an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Mechanical: kinetic pulses similar to TENS.
  • Chemical: pH and skin calming agents.
  • Hydrotherapy: deep cell hydration.
  • Cleansing: of the lesions.