NISSEI TM-500 Professional Non-Contact Thermometer

MT-500 is a non-contact type thermometer offering simple temperature readings by pressing the measu..


Nissei DSK-1031 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor

The Nissei DSK-1031, an upper arm oscillometric blood pressure monitor intended for clinical use and..


Nissei DS-11 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic measurement of systolic and diastolic pressures and pulse rate. ESH 2010 validated inflati..


Nissei DSK-1011 Blood Pressure Monitor

・Touch sensor・Measurement Method : Oscillometric method・Automatic inflation・Measurement during infla..


Nissei Delicare Blood Pressure Monitor

Nissei Delicare Automatic Blood Pressure MonitorMeasurement on inflation technologyClear L..


Nissei DS-500 Blood Pressure Monitor

・Automatic inflation・Unsurpassed speed and comfort measuring・2×30 readings memory bank・Standard size..


Nissei BO-750BT Professional Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

Easily measure the amount of oxygen in the blood that flows through the arteries (arterial oxygen sa..


Nissei WS1300 Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The Nissei WS 1300 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a compact and easy way to measure blood pressur..


Nissei WSK-1011 Blood Pressure Monitor

New Generation Nissei blood pressure monitors with design direction by Kazuo KawasakiWSK-1011&n..


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