iHealth CLEAR BPM1 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

iHealth CLEAR BPM1 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

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iHealth CLEAR BMP1 is the first blood pressure monitor that transfers measured values to your mobile device through WiFi. Smart blood pressure monitor is simple, reliable and clinically approved and meets CE certification.

With a single press of one button measurement starts and resulting values will be displayed on the blood pressure´s color 4.3" HD LED display with color indication from green to red depending on severity.

You can read your results by yourself or your voice assistent will read it for you aloud. Smart blood pressure monitor can be used by two people at the same time. The iHealth CLEAR BPM1 memory stores up to 1000 individual measured results per user.

Whenever you will use the blood pressure monitor within your WiFi network and open iHealth MyVitals application, all measured values will be automatically transferred to your phone/tablet. The application records unlimited history and allows you to share results with family or doctor. Values will be also stored on a free and secure Cloud account.

The iHealth CLEAR BPM1 can be used with or without the application and at the same time it is the easiest way for clever health for everyone, including the oldest generations. Blood pressure monitoring has never been easier.